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Mom Finds Her Miracle in Great Hearts Christos

Great Hearts Christos Redemption Alhambra September 26, 2023 -

 What really makes Great Hearts Christos at Redemption Alhambra and Great Hearts Christos at Evident Life in Gilbert truly unique is the combination of the best of Great Hearts academically with a nurturing Christian culture. That, along with the intentionally small class sizes with a small student-to-teacher ratio makes Great Hearts Christos a treasure for parents like Natasha Shimp who are looking for the best education for their children.

Shimp enrolled her son, 5th grader Rahul, at the Redemption Alhambra campus shortly after meeting with the executive director. “When I heard Great Heart Christos was opening, I scheduled a tour where I met Dr. Toyin Atolagbe. Her heart and passion for children to know the Word of God and start each day with Chapel matched the values of our family,” said Shimp.

Christos Academies are a separate, faith-based, non-profit, private school arm of the Great Hearts organization committed to creating and offering the best ecumenical Christian academies in the country. Because they are private schools, the Christos Academies’ programs can, and do, integrate Christ-centered faith formation along with the proven classical model that has made Great Hearts academies the national leader in classical education.

“After five years in public school, I knew I needed to find a school that would help nourish my son’s kindness and compassion,” said Shimp. “I wanted him to share his sweet soul with other like-minded children and adults.” Shimp was looking for a true extended family for her and her son, and she believes she has finally found it.

Christos parent with her son

Shimp said she loves the individualized attention that the small classroom sizes allow for her son. “Christos allows my son to be more than just a number in a classroom. He loves chapel and both our eyes water when we hear Dr. Toyin and the Spanish teacher sing. My son gets in the car after school and is so excited to share Bible verses and songs they sing.”

Much to his mother’s amazement, Rahul’s second favorite thing is doing homework every night! “He’s never been a fan of writing and now writes willingly,” she said. “He is excited to go to school every day and reminds others of kindness and patience in a variety of settings outside of school.” Shimp is grateful for the experiences that her son encounters at school each day and believes the beauty of the curriculum, along with the support of his teacher and classmates, have raised the bar for Rahul, who was diagnosed with a learning disability. “I am just amazed at how well my son is doing. He memorized a 16-line poem in a day and half, and I’m still in shock.

Even though school has started, both campuses are still enrolling students for the current year. Great Hearts Co-founder, Dr. Daniel Scoggin would like to invite anyone interested in Great Hearts Christos to take a tour. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet our leadership team and see the classrooms,” said Scoggin.

“The great thing is that Christos is affordable for every family because there’s the Empowerment Scholarship Account [ESA] that covers most of the tuition,” said Scoggin. And thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous donor, the difference will be covered for Alhambra students. “Essentially, you can receive a private Great Hearts Christian education with small classes and experienced teachers at no cost. The best opportunity in the country to receive an incredible Christian classical education,” he said.

Christos is truly bringing community together and building the strong foundation our children deserve,” said Shimp. “Sometimes, miracles are just good people with kind hearts, and we are very blessed to be part of Great Heart Christos.”

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