Frequently Asked Questions

Christos is a private Christian academy that is made accessible all families in Arizona by their use of state-funded Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) or Tuition Tax Credits. Christos marries academic excellence with Christ-centered faith formation in an academy campus with small class sizes and faith-filled, expert faculty. Tuition is required to attend a Great Hearts Christos Academy.


Q. What are Great Hearts charter schools?


Great Hearts is a network of highly performing tuition-free public elementary and secondary academies in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and, starting in 2024, Florida. Great Hearts scholars receive a classical liberal arts education based on the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Because they are public charter schools funded in part with public dollars, they cannot and should not include faith formation in their curriculum.

Q. What are Christos schools?


Christos is a separate, faith-based non-profit organization committed to creating and offering the best ecumenical Christian academies in the country. Because they are private schools, the Christos Academies’ programs integrate Christ-centered faith formation.

Q. Is Christos a private school?


Yes, Christos academies are private schools for families that seek a Christian classical education. There will be tuition at Christos academies. However, through Arizona Empowerment Scholarships and/or tuition-tax credits, attendance at Great Hearts Christos will be within the reach of all families. In addition, financial aid will be available for qualifying income levels.

Q. Why is Christos being started now?


Through the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship program, the State of Arizona has provided a way for families to access a more expansive choice of schools, including religious schools that have tuition. With this new funding program in place, families are more able to decide between two Great Hearts education options such as Great Hearts Christos, which seeks to meet increasing parent demand for private options that align with family values.

Q. Who can attend a Christos academy?


Any Arizona family can apply for their child/children to attend. Families are not required to be Christian for their child/children to attend. However, parents/guardians must acknowledge and accept that their child/children will be instructed from a Christian perspective and be required to actively participate in the faith formation practices of the academy.

Q. Where are Christos academies located?


Great Hearts Christos offers a Christian classical private school education in kindergarten, elementary, and middle school at the following locations.

Great Hearts Christos Gilbert
415 N. Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(nearest cross streets are Gilbert & Guadalupe)

Great Hearts Christos Phoenix
1830 W. Glenrosa Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85015
(nearest cross streets are Indian School & 19th Ave.)

Great Hearts Christos Scottsdale
5230 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
(nearest cross streets are McDonald and Scottsdale Rd.)

Q. Is the Christos program connected with a specific Christian denomination?


No. Christos has an ecumenical mission and is committed to Christian unity. Christos recognizes differences and, at the same time, cultivates habits of scriptural study that a wide range of Christian believers can adopt without threat to their denominational distinctions. Our program and prayer are based in core Christian beliefs and designed to be welcomed by Protestants, Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and non-denominational Christians. Christos utilizes Bible translations that are widely recognized by scholars of various denominations as appropriate for academic use. Parents are then ultimately able to share their wisdom and specific faith traditions to complete their child’s formation.