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Great Hearts Christos is an Answered Prayer for Local Pastor’s Family

Great Hearts Christos October 3, 2023 -

Parents getting a picture with their child on the first day of school

What really makes Great Hearts Christos at Redemption Alhambra and Great Hearts Christos at Evident Life in Gilbert truly unique is the combination of the best of Great Hearts academically with a nurturing Christian culture. That, along with the intentionally small class sizes with a small student-to-teacher ratio makes Great Hearts Christos a treasure for parents like Pastor Miguel and Gladys Perez who are looking for the best education for their children.


The Perez’s not only have their son, Phoenix, enrolled in Kindergarten at Great Hearts Christos at the Alhambra campus, but they are also on staff with the Redemption Alhambra Church. They both have the unique opportunity to see the school in action when they are on site, Miguel serving as a pastor, and Gladys serving as an administrator for the church. “The [campus] is being filled with love and community – what we have been praying for for years,” said Gladys.

This devoted family consists of ten children, and Phoenix is their youngest. “We never thought we would even have an opportunity to attend a private school or even afford this type of education for any of our kids,” said Gladys. “It still feels unreal, but it’s so exciting to see my son come home talking about his teacher, his day, and what he’s learned.”

The Perez Family

Great Hearts Christos is made affordable for every family because there’s the Empowerment Scholarship Account [ESA] that covers most of the tuition. And thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous donor, the difference will be covered for students attending the Redemption Alhambra campus.

Pastor Perez and his wife have a deep calling and heart for the community, having literally grown up as children in the same church that they now help lead. That’s why they leaped at the chance to have their church host the school on their campus when Great Hearts Christos was looking for locations. To say they are both excited that their community now has access to the quality Christian education that Great Hearts Christos provides would be an understatement. “What Great Hearts has done for our community is a massive gift,” said Miguel.

They both feel the amazing teachers are one of the greatest assets of the school. “We absolutely love and adore the teachers here at Great Hearts,” said Miguel. “We can tell that they genuinely love our babies. It is such a gift to see the way that they serve our kiddos and the way they do it as one.”

Christos Academies are a separate, faith-based, non-profit, private school arm of the Great Hearts organization committed to creating and offering the best ecumenical Christian academies in the country. Because they are private schools, the Christos Academies’ programs can, and do, integrate Christ-centered faith formation along with the proven classical model that has made Great Hearts academies the national leader in classical education.

Even though school has started, both campuses are still enrolling students for the current year. Great Hearts Co-founder, Dr. Daniel Scoggin would like to invite anyone interested in Great Hearts Christos to take a tour. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet our leadership team and see the classrooms,” said Scoggin.

“I felt like it was too good to be true, but now we are here and getting to enjoy what the Lord has given us,” said Gladys. “The fact that we can have our youngest of 10 attend a school with an amazing education that teaches them about the Lord is the best thing in the world!”

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